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Lion Websites have a wide range of website solutions to choose from.
Every website we build is custom designed as a content management system,
and built on an extremely powerful and widely scalable publishing platform.

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We provide a wide range or website packages and functionality that can meet your needs.
Here are some examples of functionality and features we offer with our websites:

Website Packages:
Professional websites for outstanding prices
Custom website design and build
Database driven content management system
Unlimited information pages and content
Mobile responsive themes which make the site appear like an App on a mobile phone
Full featured shopping cart with paypal checkout
Unlimited categories in website catalog, with search functionality
Unlimited products in website catalog
Online booking and contact forms with email notification
Menu pages with multiple menus optimised for updating, viewing and printing
Spectacular photo gallery with thumbnails and large lightbox images
Banner animations that display in all environments
Search engine optimisation
Training to add and edit pages, products and images
We come to you to quote and plan your website
2 years hosting for the website, database, email and webmail

Hosting Features:
Domains - The url of your website
Sub domains - Urls for different sections of your website
Addon domains - Host additional domains on your site
Parked domains - Point additional domains to your hosting
Redirects - Redirect your specific web pages to another page
Dns zone control - Convert your domain names into ip addresses
Mysql databases - Databases to store and process your information
Email accounts - Communicate with your clients and the world
Webmail - Access your email from any computer
Email forwarders - Send a copy of your email to another address
Auto responders - Automatically send your email replies
Default addresses - Catch any mail sent to your domain
Mx entry control - Tell a client which server receives your email
Password protect directories - Require a password to access your folders
Ip deny management - Block a range of ip addresses from your site
Statistics - See who has visited your website and how often
Backups - Nightly backups of all website data

Hosting on Enterprise Platforms and Data Centres:
Lion Websites are hosted at the Digital Pacific data centres in Canberra and Sydney.
All services are monitored and managed from the National Operations Centre in Sydney.
Data storage and Compute forms the foundation layer of capability and synchronisation
occurs to meet infinitely scalable volumes and high performance mission critical requirements.
The storage system is designed, monitored and tuned for highly virtualised and massively
parallel data workloads. The platform is capable of meeting any and every unique workload.
Security capability has Secure Internet Gateway at its core, which includes intrusion
prevention systems, 'best of breed' managed firewalls approved for Federal Government
use, event correlation monitoring and response and anti-virus systems. Load balancing is at the
core of the highly available, geographical redundant capability. Locations are connected via
dedicated fibre and each site is connected to the internet via multiple tier one service providers.


Core CMS:
Block - Controls the boxes that are displayed around your main content
Filter - Handles the filtering of your content in preparation for display
Node - Allows your content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages
System - Handles general site configuration for your administrators
User - Manages your user registration and login system
Aggregator - Aggregates your syndicated content with rss, rdf and atom feeds
Blog - Manages your regularly updated blogs
Blog api - Posts your content using applications that support blog apis
Book - Structures your site pages in a hierarchy or outline
Comment - Comments on your published content
Contact    - Publishes your contact forms
Content translation - Publishes your content to be translated into different languages
Database logging - Logs and records your system events to the database
Forum - Threaded discussions about your topics
Help - Manages the display of your online help
Locale - Language handling functionality and translation of your user interface
Menu - Customizes your site navigation menu
Openid - Log into your site using Openid
Path - Renames your urls
Php filter - Embeds your php code and snippets to be evaluated
Ping - Alerts other sites when your site has been updated
Poll - Allows your site to capture votes on different topics
Profile     - Configures your user profiles
Statistics - Logs access statistics for your site
Syslog - Logs and records your system events
Taxonomy - Categorises your content
Taxonomy image - Associates images with your taxonomy terms
Taxonomy image attach - Supports existing image nodes as your taxonomy images
Tracker - Tracks recent posts for your users
Trigger - Actions to be fired for your system events
Upload - Allows your users to upload and attach files to content.

Cms Management:
Backup - Backs up your database quickly
Ckeditor - Provides your usage of wysiwyg editor instead of plain text fields
Imce - Your image and file uploader and browser
Menus - Css and jquery dropdowns, droprights and droplefts for your menus
Menu per role - Restricting access to your menu items based on role
Pathauto - Mechanism to automatically generate aliases for your content
Jcarousel - Jquery based rotators for your carousels
Administer users by role - Gives your administration users special permissions
Content access - Manages permissions for your content types by role and author
Chaos tool suite - Apis and tools to manage your pages and panel pages
Domain access - Runs a group of your websites sharing users, content and configurations.
Domain blocks - Enables domain specific visibility settings for your blocks
External - Configures your links to external sites or pdf documents in new tabs
Front - Customises your home pages dependant on roles
Job scheduler - Schedules your tasks for a predetermined time or periodically at fixed intervals
Page title - Provides granular control specifying patterns for structure over your page titles
Panels - Creates customized layouts for visual designs and places your content within that layout
Path redirect - Specifies your redirects from one path to another path or an external url
Private upload - Uploads your files into a private directory
Slider - Creates a coder slider effect for your content with slider panels as individual nodes
Superfish - Integrates jquery superfish with your menus
Switchtheme - Allow your users to switch between enabled themes
Taxonomy lineage - Allows your nodes to be sorted by taxonomy hierarchy
Taxonomy manager - Provides a dynamic tree view for managing your taxonomies

Content types - Defines new content types in your database
Content copy - Imports and exports your field definitions
Content permissions - Field level permissions for your content fields
Fieldgroup - Display groups for your content fields
Filefield - Defines your file field types
Filefield meta - Adds metadata gathering and storage to your fileFields
Imagefield - Defines your image field types
Node reference - Defines your field types for referencing nodes
Number - Defines your numeric field types
Option widgets - Defines your selection, check box and radio button widgets
Text - Defines your text field types
User reference - Defines your field types for referencing users
Feeds - Imports and aggregates your data as nodes, users, taxonomy terms and simple database records
Feeds tamper - Architecture for your feeds to modify data before it gets saved
Forward - Provides a forward this page link to each of your nodes
Mime mail - Sends your email with a html message body with embedded graphics
Simplenews - Publishes and sends newsletters to lists of your subscribers
Bible - Displays the Bible on your website, multi versions, search verses, daily verses
Flowplayer - Api integration with flowplayer for your video playback
Mp3 player - Mp3 player to play audio in your website
Swf tools - Embeds media players on your pages
Weather - Meteorological aerodrome report current world weather conditions data in your site
World clock - Displays a world clock of multiple locations in your site

Database Queries:
Views - Customised lists and queries from your database
Views slideshow - View style that displays your rows of data as a jquery slideshow
Views slideshow singleframe - Adds a single frame slideshow mode to your slideshows
Views slideshow thumbnailhover - Adds a thumbnail hover slideshow mode to your slideshows
Draggableviews - Rearranges your views by dragndrop with just a few clicks
Views accordion - Provides an accordian display style for your views
Views custom field - Provides markup, php code, and rownumber fields for your views
Tagadelic - Generates tagclouds and pages with weights of your tags
Cumulus - Displays your site tags and rotates them beautifully in 3d

Site Search:
Search - Keyword searching through your site
Custom search - Customises your search functions
Views search - Transforms your views with exposed filters into search form and results pages
Integrated metatags - Functionality for your dynamically added metatags
Integrated metatags for content - Adds metatag functionality to your content types and fields
Nodewords - Adds metatags to your pages manually and automatically
Xml sitemap - Creates a sitemap for search engines to more intelligently crawl your website

Image Processing:
Imageapi - Supports multiple toolkits for your images
Imagecache - Caches and dynamically manipulates your images
Beautytips - Ballon help style tooltips for your page elements
Cloud zoom - Provides a thumbnail with an hover popup zoomed on your large images
Galleria - Creates your image galleries using galleria jquery code
Image caption - Dynamically adds captions to your images
Jcarousel - Turns any list of your content or images into a carousel
Jquery plugins - Miscellaneous jquery plugins to display your content
Lightbox - Overlays your images on the current page in a lightbox
Rotor banner - Create blocks to rotate your content
Views carousel 3d - Generates 3d floated automatic acceleration and rotation of your images

Date And Time:
Date - Defines your date and time fields
Date locale - Multiple formats for your date and time display
Date popup - Provides your jquery popup calendars and time entry widgets
Date repeat api - Calculates your repeating dates and times
Date timezone - Sets your timezone names instead of offsets
Date tools - Imports your dates and calendars
Calendar - Displays your calendars, including year, month, and day views
Calendar tooltips - Displays a tooltip, popup, balloon for days in your calendar blocks

Webform - Creation of your forms and questionnaires
Compact forms - Overlays your form fields with their respective labels
Captcha - Adds dynamic questions to your webforms to prevent spam
Image captcha - Provides an image to your webforms to prevent spam
Webform pdf - Generates pdf documents from the results of a webform

Shopping Cart:
Cart - Controls the shopping cart for your ecommerce site
Order - Receives and manages orders through your website
Product - Represents items in your online store
Store - Store settings and manages your ecommerce
Attribute - Supports your product variations and attributes
Catalog - Displays a hierarchy of your product catalog page and block
File downloads - Allows your products to be associated with downloadable files
Payment - Api for payment systems to interect with your cart
Reports - View reports about your store's sales, customers and products
Roles - Assigns permanent or expirable roles based on your product purchases
Shipping - Gets your products ready for physical shipment
Shipping quotes - Retrieves and displays quotes for your shipping products
Tax report - View a report about sales tax your customers paid
Taxes - Defines tax rates for your customers geographic locations and products sold
Cart links - Creates specialized links to purchase your products from other nodes
Product kit - Represents two or more of your products that have been listed together
Stock - Manages stock levels of your products
Cart addresses - Multiple addresses in your users profiles
Discount coupons - Discount coupons as fixed price or percentage discounts on your products
Discounts - Codeless discounts for your classes, taxonomy, dates, quantity and subtotals
Feed mappers - Feed mappings for your shopping cart items, prices, weights and attributes
Out of stock notification - Checks for your available stock and replaces the add to cart button
Price per role - Different sale prices per product for different roles in your store
Sub products - Displays a list of your products in a table with a single add to cart button
Webform checkout pane - Defines webform nodes as checkout panes in your shopping cart

Shipping And Payment Systems:
Flatrate - Assigns a flat shipping rate to your products
Table quote - Assigns your shipping rate based on different values
Weight quote - Assigns a shipping rate to your products based on weight
Credit card - Receives your credit card payments through checkout
Google checkout - Integrates google checkout in your site
Payment method pack - Provides cheque, cod, and your other payment methods
PayPal - Integrates paypal payment services in your site
Shopping cart ssl - Secures your shopping cart and store pages with ssl certificates.

Every website we build is custom designed as a content management system,
and built on an extremely powerful and widely scalable publishing platform.
Lion Websites reserve the right to not publish any material or
in any particular format at our complete and utter descretion.

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